What is IONIQ?


IONIQ is the latest vehicle innovation from Hyundai. We believe that hybrid and electric vehicles should be exciting and fun to drive — that is the IONIQ philosophy. The all-new IONIQ is the world’s first vehicle to feature three electrified powertrain options — hybrid, electric and electric plus — built around a SUPERSTRUCTURE™ designed from the ground up to offer an exceptional driving experience and enhanced safety. IONIQ shows our commitment to developing advanced, environmentally conscious technologies that help reduce automotive pollution. Our vision is to lead the industry by developing advanced propulsion vehicles that are fun to drive, have great style and that benefit the environment. At Hyundai we strive to develop and design vehicles to enhance people’s everyday lives. By challenging the standard of design and workmanship, we continue to rethink the future of mobility.

2017 IONIQ electric


Charge from home or work. Never stop for gas. On a single charge, the IONIQ electric model offers up to a 200-kilometre range of emission-free driving. The 88 kW electric motor’s torque-rich performance is powered by the super-efficient 28 kWh lithium-ion polymer battery. The battery is located low in the IONIQ's purpose-built chassis, which also lowers its centre of gravity, essential for a rewarding and engaging drive.

2017 IONIQ hybrid


Driving fun with lower emissions. The IONIQ hybrid combines an efficient 1.6L gasoline engine with a powerful 32 kW electric motor for impressive performance and fuel efficiency. For unmatched responsiveness, it also features a class-exclusive Dual Clutch Transmission. Together, these elements give you the fuel economy you want from a hybrid, with a driving experience that’s more engaging than you thought possible.

2018 IONIQ electric plus


Electric when you want it. Gas when you need it. The IONIQ electric plus offers the best of both worlds, with a larger lithium-ion polymer battery (compared to hybrid model) to provide over 40 kilometres (estimated only) of all-electric, emission-free driving.



With an industry-leading drag coefficient of just 0.24, the IONIQ is one of the most aerodynamic vehicles on the market. Streamlined contours have been designed to harness airflow and minimize air resistance. The signature hexagonal grille features computer-controlled air shutters that open and close automatically to optimize aerodynamics (hybrid model), while air intakes beside the signature LED daytime running lights help reduce turbulence around the front wheels. All of these elements and more combine to create a stunningly attractive design that delivers best-in-class fuel efficiency.


Aerodynamic grille

The signature hexagonal grille on the IONIQ hybrid features active air shutters that open and close to improve aerodynamics. The IONIQ electric conveys a unique front perspective. Without the need for extensive powertrain cooling, the grille is a sleek, smooth surface.


LED lighting

Stylish tail lights feature available LED technology to deliver maximum illumination while drawing a minimal amount of electricity, which improves efficiency.


Rear bumper

The two-tone bumper features a black insert to add a sporty touch and provide continuity with the front end design.



The spacious interior of the IONIQ is charged with distinct design cues. This becomes evident in the strong horizontal contouring of the dashboard and unique white, or blue (hybrid model), or copper-coloured (electric model) accents throughout the cabin. Thanks to the innovative design of the lithium-ion polymer battery and purpose-built chassis, you don’t have to choose between efficiency and space. Enjoy maximum versatility with expansive cargo space and 60/40 split fold seats. And you won’t have to compromise on features we know matter most in Canada — this is why heated front seats are standard, and a heated steering wheel and rear heated seats are available for those who like extra warmth.


Hybrid powertrain

The IONIQ hybrid is powered by a specially developed powertrain that offers the perfect blend of power and efficiency. It can run on a gas engine, an electric motor, or both. Travel over 1,000 kilometres on a single tank of gas.


Electric powertrain

The components of the electric powertrain have been engineered to provide excellent driving characteristics and a practical everyday driving range. IONIQ electric combines the high power density of a compact, lightweight, lithium-ion polymer battery with a high-power electric motor and high-efficiency reduction gear. You can travel up to 200 kilometres with a full charge.


Next level innovation


Hybrid and electric vehicles should have the dynamic ride and handling characteristics that make driving a pleasure. That’s the IONIQ philosophy. The industry-leading technology with which we have engineered the IONIQ delivers a one-of-a-kind experience. With IONIQ you get an extremely engaging driving experience, plus an efficient commuter. For example, thanks to the innovative design of the battery and IONIQ's purpose-built chassis we are able to mount it under the rear seats. This gives the IONIQ an exceptionally low centre of gravity that greatly enhances agility and helps make IONIQ so much fun to drive. It also means the IONIQ offers expansive trunk space for maximum versatility.

innovation1Class-exclusive 6-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission
The 6-speed Dual Clutch Transmission (hybrid model) improves efficiency and provides instant engine feedback for unparalleled responsiveness.


Class-exclusive Lithium-ion polymer battery
All IONIQ models feature this state-of-the-art battery technology that’s smaller, lighter, more energy dense, more thermally efficient, more durable, and easier to package than the Nickel-Metal Hydride or Lithium-ion options found in competitors.

innovation3Engineered to engage
The drive modes have been engineered to give you an electrifying and engaging driving experience. Eco mode provides the efficiency you’d expect, while everything changes in Sport mode. The powertrain uses the electric power to boost torque levels for a totally different feeling. The digital instrument cluster even changes appearance and colour when a different drive mode is selected.

Anatomy of the IONIQ


At the core of the IONIQ is the SUPERSTRUCTURE™, a rigid but lightweight body made of our Advanced High Strength Steel to deliver superior benefits in handling, cabin quietness and occupant safety.

The rigid composition of the SUPERSTRUCTURE™ enables more precise tuning of key suspension components. This means that the IONIQ is engineered to deliver agile handling and confidence at higher speeds.

Steel rigidity and extended application of soundproofing materials both help to keep outside noises where they belong. Whether you are navigating dense city traffic or cruising Canada’s wide-open highways, enjoy greatly reduced noise and vibration levels.

The exceptional stiffness and strength of the SUPERSTRUCTURE™ combined with the extended application of structural adhesives to reinforce critical areas helps provide added protection to occupants. In the event of a collision, the SUPERSTRUCTURE™ will absorb harmful energy and redirect it away from the passenger compartment.


The standard 7.0" touch-screen display is the connectivity hub of the IONIQ. Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ put the power of your favourite smartphone apps right on the touch-screen display. You can access directions, make calls and send and receive text messages while keeping your hands on the wheel and your eyes focused on the road. You can also listen to your favourite playlist through the available Infinity® sound system. The available wireless charging feature even lets you recharge your compatible smartphone without connecting cables.



In addition to the SUPERSTRUCTURE™ and seven standard airbags, you and your passengers will be protected by a comprehensive list of available active driver assistance technologies.


Autonomous Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection
This available safety innovation uses a forward camera and radar sensors to detect rapid closing speeds to the vehicle ahead or pedestrians in your path. If a potential forward collision is detected, warning notifications alert the driver. The system can provide full braking assistance to help avoid an imminent collision at speeds between 8 and 80 kilometres per hour (vehicle detection) or 8 and 69 kilometres per hour (pedestrian detection).



The available Blind Spot Detection system uses radar to detect when a vehicle is in the driver’s blind spot and provides both an audible and a visual alert to help keep you aware as you move down the road. Activated during reverse driving, the available Rear Cross-Traffic Alert system uses radar to help identify and warn the driver of vehicles approaching from the side, even before they come into view of the standard rearview camera.



The available Blind Spot Detection system uses radar to detect when a vehicle is in the driver’s blind spot and provides both an audible and a visual alert to help keep you aware as you move down the road. Activated during reverse driving, the available Rear Cross-Traffic Alert system uses radar to help identify and warn the driver of vehicles approaching from the side, even before they come into view of the standard rearview camera.

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