BlueLink® does it all

BlueLink® opens up a new dimension of connectivity between you, your Hyundai and your world.
The system consists of a suite of digital applications and remote services
that are your direct link to convenience and confidence — features designed to keep you
and your vehicle in touch, even when you're not.

Your subscription, free for 5 years
No need to worry about payments or renewing your subscription — your BlueLink services are free for five years.


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Your smartphone becomes a remote control


Remote start*
Not only can you start your Hyundai remotely with the BlueLink mobile app, you can also set the engine timer, cabin temperature and even turn on the heated steering wheel. You can save up to three favourite settings to make it even easier to start your car the way you like. If you change your mind, click a button and stop the engine.

Who needs keys when you have an app?
Conveniently lock or unlock your car remotely using the BlueLink mobile app on your smartphone.

What’s the status?
Your BlueLink app can tell you if:

  • Your doors are locked, unlocked, or open.
  • Your trunk or hood are open or closed.
  • Your engine, climate, rear defrost and heated steering wheel are on or off.
  • Your car is low on gas.

Forgot where you parked?
We have you covered. BlueLink will show you your car’s location on a map and give you directions to get there. If you still need help once you get closer, you can flash the lights or honk the horn. BlueLink also has a parking timer that lets you set an expiration alarm and reminder.


Rest assured, we’ve got your back


SOS Emergency and Roadside Assistance†
Help is ready all day, every day. Your rear-view mirror has buttons to immediately connect you to Roadside Assistance or emergency services.

Automatic Collision Notification^
In the event of a collision, your vehicle will automatically call for emergency services.


Find the best of whatever you like, wherever you areΩ.
With local Search powered by Google™, simply push a button and say your point of interest or category. BlueLink will quickly return results with addresses, hours of operation and phone numbers that you can call with your connected smartphone with the push of a button. Select your destination and your navigation system will guide you there.

Diagnostics at your fingertips


Monitor the health of your Hyundai
Simplify maintenance with a vehicle health evaluation of key performance systems and driving statistics delivered to your email or check it out in the BlueLink mobile app.


Maintain your maintenance
You can track your maintenance and set reminders to make sure your vehicle is taken care of.


Real-time diagnosis
Worried that something might be off?
Access on-demand diagnostics from your vehicle’s touchscreen display and make sure everything is OK.


Find a dealer
BlueLink will show you all the nearby Hyundai dealerships along with their contact information and hours of operation. Set a favourite dealership to always have them just a button push away.

Give it a try!

Download the BlueLink app on your Android, Apple or BlackBerry smartphone and use the Demo Mode to give BlueLink a shot!


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