Windshield+ Protection


Windshield Plus (Windshield+) is a hydrophobic, glass modifier that creates an clear protective shield on the exterior surface of your windshield. It is a laboratory proven method of effectively preventing most stone chips, and minimizing the damage caused by impacts on your windshield. We have a lab demonstration video below showing off the protective qualities of Windshield+ below! Watch as a protected windshield has gravel launched at 100PSI from point blank range!

New vehicles as well as vehicles within 3 model years of the current year are eligible for full warranty coverage against road hazards that cause chips or cracks to your windshield. The warranty period is 5 years from application date. In the event of a windshield being damaged, Hyundai of Goderich will have the windshield repaired by a certified automotive glass technician. If the windshield is irreparable, the deductible (up to $500.00) will be covered for the replacement windshield.